• Delete Profile without DelProf

    Here is a script I created so that I could delete users accounts on stations but not have to use DelProf.


  • Find O365 User

    When having to search for a user in Office 365 and you manage multiple tenancies. It can become a time consuming take.


  • Long File Name one liner

    This is a small one liner that I used on a customer site. This is not a particularly complicated or one liner. Yet it sparked the customers interest in PowerShell.


  • List VSS writers in a object.

    This is a simple script that uses the CMD command that outputs the state of the VSS Writers. The script uses regex to split the output into logical sections and then outputs it as a object so it can be used in another script.


  • Function to Retrieve Pending and Failed Updates.

    This function is something that helps me identify when the server has updates that pending or have failed


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